The Cranky Factor

I expect to be crankier here than on the radio. Could be I’m wrong about that but it’s what I expect. I’ll be nice too because that is who I am but I also expect to be cranky more often than you may be used to. You won’t like it, I’m warning ya right now.

I am not cranky on the radio. Generally speaking, of course. Any impartial observer would agree. Compared to most of what you hear on talk radio, I am one jolly SOB. (A close friend, who has seen me in some lesser moments, once said, “You are the jolliest man, I know.” I suppose she was excluding Santa Claus, the only other person I have heard referred to as jolly.)

I am pretty much a happy guy and always have been, even when I was just squeaking by from week to week. Why not? Life can suck and you can add to it by always being gloomy or life can suck and you can decide to smile through it. I chose the latter. It’s much more pleasant. (We’ll come back to ‘pleasant’ at a later date.)

So, I am not cranky on-air…very often. Sure, once in a while a caller gets under my skin or I’m as bored silly as the audience is with a particular caller or I’m just cranky about the topic we’re discussing (more likely if it revolves around bozo politicians). But I am not the epitome of the “cranky talk show host.” Not interested. You want that, no problem, you’ll find it, it’s Everywhere.(Might address that later too.)

But I expect to be crankier here. Don’t know why, just do.

sings: “It’s my blog and I’ll be cranky if I want to, cranky if I want to…”

(“OMG, he’s singing already, just like on the damn radio! You hear me, Martha? He is freakin’ singing already and it’s only the fourth post!” Martha replies: “Just as long as he doesn’t play that damn kazoo! Don’t even tell me if he starts playing that damn kazoo or I’ll have to come in there!”)

plays kazoo

Yes, I will have fun here, I’m sure. But I expect to be crankier.

You have been warned.


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