On College costs, Vice Presidents and Massachusetts

I was at a college graduation party last night. A few of us were discussing the cost of a college education today and in the future. My wife mentioned our neighbors who have two children. The couple puts away $200 per month per child in a college fund. They’ve been told by some advisor that they should be putting away a thousand dollars per month per child. The oldest of the kids is five. $24,000 per year of their income must go toward a college fund? This couple is in their early thirties. They are still paying off their own college loans!

I remarked that it can’t go on like this. As with any product or service, if you price it too high people stop buying because they have no choice. If you’re not careful, you can price yourself out of business. “What choice will people have?” I was asked. They will have the choice of not going to college. As hard as it is to imagine in a time when a bachelor’s degrees is not enough – you must have a masters, in the future it could be that a degree from a college is not important at all. They don’t ask an actress where she went to college, they ask her to “read these lines.” If she can, she gets the job, degree or not. Could be it will go that way in other fields, most fields. If colleges and universities don’t smarten up in time, that is. Maybe it will go some other way but it cannot continue to go the way it is.

This morning I bumped into a blog article on the same subject. I’m not a fan of the author but he may be right on this one…

The Coming Meltdown In College Education & Why The Economy Won’t Get Any Better Anytime Soon


Recently on my radio show we talked about whom Mitt Romney might pick as his running mate. I stated that it really doesn’t matter who the choice is, it is all about how it is made. It’s all about Romney, not about who gets the nod. Vice presidential candidates and actual vice presidents rarely make any difference whatsoever. Very rarely.

Years ago, I did extensive research on the choice of running mate, and came to the above conclusion. (Maybe I’ll post that research here sometime this summer.) Here’s a piece from Slate about the few times sitting VPs made a difference…

The Eight Times the Vice President Did Something That Mattered


And, speaking of Romney, I’m so tired of those in his party who make fun of my native state that I just tune them out and no longer take them seriously. The former governor himself made fun of his adopted home state in his out of state appearances when he ran four years ago. (I guess we can expect as president, he will go to other countries and make fun of the United States. Oh, I forgot, only Democrats and liberals do that. Well, Republicans, watch out, your boy already has a track record for beating up the homefolk while on the road. The precedent is there.)

I bumped into this article on Slate that says Bay Staters actually have something to brag about. Quite a bit, in fact…

Don’t Mess with Massachusetts


Yes, two of these articles are from Slate. Don’t jump to any conclusions. It’s only the second time I’ve been to the Slate website. First time was some years back, when they were new.


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