Part-Time Writer

At the beginning of this month I announced my retirement. I stopped doing my radio show on WBZ Boston and told the world I would become part-time writer, part-time beach bum (and would have business cards printed up stating just that).

Quite a few of my radio listeners have written me to let me know they would be on my case to see to it that “you keep your promise” and start churning out the pages. Well folks, you are too late. Much too late.

At the time of my retirement announcement, I already had five writing projects at various stages. One of them has been published regularly for over two years. The blog you are reading now began in January. A third project was in front of readers’ eyes a few weeks before the retirement announcement. Preparatory work on two others was started in April with the goal of first publication for both by September – and that April start was before I even began to think about retiring. I knew then that I was pushing it and had been trying to figure out if I could put one of these last two on hold. While the idea of retiring was being considered during the month of May, I came up with ideas for several future projects and began to sort out the order of priority for them with the knowledge that a couple of them were not what we used to call in the news biz, “evergreens.” In other words, there was a deadline by which these projects must either be started or completed. Then, on my first day of retirement, I came up with still another project that, if it happens, will need to happen soon and may force me to push some others aside for now.

And remember, this writing thing is supposed to be “part-time.”

So for those of you who are “expecting to see something soon,” what you see here, on this blog, is likely all you will get for a while…unless you are already reading one of the other projects and don’t realize you are reading me as they are done under pen names, in different styles, each with a different focus.

I am not out to “do” or “prove” anything with the writing. I am writing for one reason: to write. I am writing for one person: me. If someone reads it, cool. If no one reads it, cool. I am retired, remember? Well, it really doesn’t matter if you remember or not because…I do.

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