Some words just hurt the ear. ‘Sequestration’ is one. Politics aside, I hate that word. Now my local TV newscaster uses it regularly.

When she started with it, I barked at my TV, “That’s not a word!” Just because lawyers and politicians use it, doesn’t make it a real word.

I turned to my wife, an editor, and said, “That’s not a word.” She said, “Everybody’s using it.” I maintained, “It’s not a real word. Real people shouldn’t be using it.” Not that TV newscasters are real people. But if they start using it regularly, real people will start using it too.

I finally got around to looking it up. Turns out the word has been around almost 600 years. I lose. Damn.

(If I was an editor at that TV station though, I wouldn’t let that newscaster use it. At least not as often as she does.)


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