No News Is Good News

i’ve pretty much tuned out what passes for news these days. most of what they talk about on news shows is bullshit and nobody will be talking about it next week. and stuff they should be talking about – this week, next week and last week…well, they’re not gonna get to that.

this is not an old retired guy’s opinion, this is what i thought ten years ago…and often said on the radio. but because i was on the radio, i still had to pay attention to all this crap whether i chose to talk about it on air or not, just in case.

but now, i don’t have to. and i don’t. once in awhile something REAL happens. then i watch, listen, read. 90% of the time, this REAL news doesn’t come from Washington even though 90% of the news comes from there.

harrumph, harrumph.

all that leads up to… the way I have tried to stay in touch since i tuned out after the last presidential election was to watch Brian Williams’ billboard every night. most of the time that’s all i watch. sometimes i watch an individual story. not often.

Scott Pelley announces at me, Stephanopoulos worked for Clinton (why didn’t they get Bill to do WNT? he’d have done it!) Diane Sawyer worked for Nixon, and i’ve never liked David Muir for some reason. And I don’t want to record a Newshour when i’m only going to watch 45 seconds.

Brian Williams’ billboard was my lifeline. I never knew if he was any good at reporting – just as I never knew that about Brokaw by the way – but he could read the news real pretty. Last week, I cancelled my series recording of his show because I don’t believe anything he says now. i guess NBC doesn’t either.

Last night i watched Pelley and next week I’m recording Muir one night – might as well see whose reporting for those nets these days, what they’re doing. I taped the Newshour a couple times this week but it doesn’t work for me either.

Lester Holt reads the news nice so i’ll probably go back to him.

But geez… Where did everybody go?


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