Where’s My Comment?

“I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment on this blog…” You’re not.

“Steve, you don’t have any comments. Is anybody reading your blog?” Yes. A surprising number of people are.

“I’ve commented on several of your blog posts but I’m not going to comment on any more until I know you are reading the comments.” I am. Now you know.

“How long does it take to get moderated?” You’ve been moderated. (Was it good for you?)

Yup, I’m reading the comments people make to this blog. Nope, I’m not approving any comments so they don’t appear on your screen.


I did radio talk shows for years. Those shows were a two-way street. I talked, you listened. You talked, I listened. And everybody else heard us. That was your chance. I don’t do that format here. As explained in my very first post here, this blog is for me. You can read it if you want. Or not. You can send me a comment here or email me. I’ll read it. But everybody else won’t see it. Been there, done that. I write this blog for me, because I want to. I read your comments – for me, because I want to. And that’s as far as it goes. I don’t let the comments go public, because I don’t want to. I write other blogs under other names and I let the comments go public on some but not on others, because that’s how I want to do it.

If I get around to it, I sometimes respond to a comment by email. It would be nice to respond to all of them by email but I don’t because I don’t have time. I have read other writers’ blogs and observed how good they are at responding to each comment. And then responding to the commenter’s response to their response. I know from my radio experience that this is a very good way to connect with your audience. And so I applaud these writers for being very good at this blogging thing and at promotion. I do a little bit of promotion for this blog but not much. I want to spend my time writing the next thing rather than writing to someone about something I’ve already written. I have other things to do with the rest of my time.

Remember, I’m retired. Part-time writer is my title. I write other blogs and other stuff too and I do other things besides write. (Part-time beach bum is my other title.) I write what I want, when I want and post it where I want. That’s why you only see things on this blog once in a while. I write a lot more stuff. But it gets posted under other names in other places. No, I won’t tell you where because I don’t want to.

I know this is not the way to market a blog. But I’m doing it this way regardless. Because I want to.

Any comments?


My Original Blog

I had a blog before they were called blogs.

It was January 1999 and I was starting a new website to use in promoting my radio activities. I was free-lancing at the time, doing news for WBUR Boston and talk for WBZ Boston. I figured the website would help my little group of fans find me on the dial and that some program director might think it was cool that I had a website and it might help me get a job. This was in a time when most radio stations did not have a website.

My site, RadioSteve.com didn’t “open officially” until May but it had been online since January as I learned how to run it, edit it, tweak it, write HTML, etc. I had a page about my WBUR work and a few pages about my WBZ work. I wanted to have a few other pages that weren’t about radio.

In March, I started, My Boston Red Sox Page, which was basically a Red Sox fan’s diary of the 1999 season. I’d just post analysis and opinion about how the Sox were doing, thoughts about any Sox issue in the news or things I’d been thinking about or stuff I’d noticed from watching the games.

In early June my radio free-lancing ended when WBZ hired me fulltime to host the overnight show. I immediately became too busy to keep up with my Red Sox page. I tried to put one entry a month up for July through September and then I killed the page over the winter. I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

A few years later, blogs were in and every time I’d see my boss he’d try to talk me into starting one for the station’s website…and every time I’d refuse. He wanted me to do it basically because it was the “in” thing to do and the station’s website needed some original material (that they wouldn’t have to pay for). He’d tell me it was easy and I’d tell him it was not. I know he thought I was being anti-web but I wasn’t and never have been. I think I was only able to win this argument because I could say, “I had a blog before they were called blogs” and tell him about My Boston Red Sox Page and show proof of how I didn’t have time for a blog. If I didn’t have time to write about what everyone thinks is my favorite topic (it’s not), how would I have time to do a multi-issue blog?

What am I going to say to him when he finds out I’m writing this blog?

The Cranky Factor

I expect to be crankier here than on the radio. Could be I’m wrong about that but it’s what I expect. I’ll be nice too because that is who I am but I also expect to be cranky more often than you may be used to. You won’t like it, I’m warning ya right now.

I am not cranky on the radio. Generally speaking, of course. Any impartial observer would agree. Compared to most of what you hear on talk radio, I am one jolly SOB. (A close friend, who has seen me in some lesser moments, once said, “You are the jolliest man, I know.” I suppose she was excluding Santa Claus, the only other person I have heard referred to as jolly.)

I am pretty much a happy guy and always have been, even when I was just squeaking by from week to week. Why not? Life can suck and you can add to it by always being gloomy or life can suck and you can decide to smile through it. I chose the latter. It’s much more pleasant. (We’ll come back to ‘pleasant’ at a later date.)

So, I am not cranky on-air…very often. Sure, once in a while a caller gets under my skin or I’m as bored silly as the audience is with a particular caller or I’m just cranky about the topic we’re discussing (more likely if it revolves around bozo politicians). But I am not the epitome of the “cranky talk show host.” Not interested. You want that, no problem, you’ll find it, it’s Everywhere.(Might address that later too.)

But I expect to be crankier here. Don’t know why, just do.

sings: “It’s my blog and I’ll be cranky if I want to, cranky if I want to…”

(“OMG, he’s singing already, just like on the damn radio! You hear me, Martha? He is freakin’ singing already and it’s only the fourth post!” Martha replies: “Just as long as he doesn’t play that damn kazoo! Don’t even tell me if he starts playing that damn kazoo or I’ll have to come in there!”)

plays kazoo

Yes, I will have fun here, I’m sure. But I expect to be crankier.

You have been warned.

First Post

I do a radio talk show. So there’s plenty of creative outlet there. I’ve got an FB page to service the show, there’s a little bit of creativity in that, though I don’t think of it as a ‘creative outlet.’ I suppose it is but low level enough that it doesn’t hit me that way. Hell, not even room to vent there. My avatar, in a virtual world I play in, has a blog. He’s working on a website too. He contributes to a couple other blogs and sites too. He’s a busy guy. I’m a busy guy too. Never thought of having my own blog. Didn’t think I needed another creative outlet. Where would I find the time anyway? But the avatar was having so much fun with his and some things I’d like to say don’t fit the show or the FB page or the avie’s* blog or website. So here I am.

What will I do with this space? I’m not exactly sure. What a great tease, eh? “I’m the writer of this here blog and I don’t ‘xactly know what I’m doing so why should you ever want to come back?” Good question, wish I could answer it, wish I could help you but, truth is, you’re on your own, pal. This is for me, not you. I’m just puttin’ it up here cause I can write and be published today on this here web deal, so why not? If some people have nothing better to do than read it, that is their problem. I ain’t taking the rap for that!

All I know is…

There have been too many times in the last six months or so that I wanted to say something that didn’t fit in the places cited above. I’m a bit intrigued by this as when I only had the talk show and not all the other places, this didn’t happen too often. It is the avatar’s fault, by the way. His blog has kinda taken off in his little world. It gets read by a surprising number of people each week. I won’t actually be surprised if he outdraws me even if I do get this thing going. But I have had so much fun helping him with his blog that it got me to thinking about writing other things. As him. And as me. I have already taken steps to help him in his other writing endeavors but I hadn’t decided what to do about me. Or where to start. Until now.

So this is it. Or, at least, this is a start. An hour ago I had no idea I’d be doing this. Been building up to it, I guess. Musta been, right? I mean LOOK. The above just spilled out.

So here we go. Let’s see what happens.


* I don’t like the word “avie” at all. However, it is commonly used in the virtual world I live in, although my “avie” doesn’t use it there. Well, maybe a couple times lately to try and loosen up a little. But he doesn’t like it. On this we agree. There are times when we don’t. It’s annoying. And hilarious, if you think about it. That’s why I don’t think about it. These are short sentences. This is like writing radio news. End of footnote. Thank you. You may go now. Leave your name and tape at the door. We’ll be in touch. I can’t stop this. Member, FDIC. An equal housing lender. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Be off with you now. Stop reading this. HEY!