The Storm

water coming in through the windows in the den and bathroom, the ones under the gutters, between 10 and midnight. gutters have just been cleaned too. i think they need to be reset, realigned. towels used to soak up the water. towels on the floor in the den and the bathroom, towels in the window sills. towels in the dryer (next to the bedroom where Diane is sleeping i hope) so there will be more towels for the next shift when heavy wet towels are grabbed up and brought into the bathroom and thrown into the tub. dry towels into the window sills again, “Is this floor still wet? Hmmm. This rug is going to have to go outside tomorrow.” wet towels from the tub get wrung a bit, doesn’t help much but i do it anyway, and into the dryer they go.

sump pump started running about 10p. kicking in every minute, runs 20 secs or so.

if i didn’t know better, i’d have thought i was hearing the ocean at high tide. but it was sheets – no, waves of rain hitting my house. constantly for over two hours. then it stopped for awhile and then did it some more.

been monitoring the cellar since about suppertime. first sign of wet floor was around 7p…but only the two spots i knew to check first. but just wet in those two places, small. considering its been raining all day, could be worse. probably will be.

by 2a, about 1/3 of the floor was wet. the floor is uneven, so there’s probably an inch of water in a couple spots. we have everything off the floor because we’ve had two other serious rainstorms in the two years we’ve been here. so we know. but this one is a new record, they say.

had one good laugh (may not translate): with water in the cellar, I had to bring the litter box upstairs and then close the cellar off to the little furry boy. when i shut the cellar door, Max went running down the hall like there was no tomorrow.

i always close that door (his escape route) when it’s time for his medicine.

and now at 4a…sleep.

man, i am not used to being awake all night anymore. i’m gonna be hurtin’ tomorrow.

oh, that’s actually today, isn’t it?

Family Alert – the email about Saturday was supposed to go out last night. but i’ve been busy. 12:30. details to come.

Teddy, don’t call early.

have a day.


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