Holiday Meat Pies (Tourtierre)

A family tradition in the French-Canadian/American community from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.


This recipe makes two meat pies. Use 9-inch, two-crust pie shells.

1 1/2 lb. lean ground pork
1/2 1b. lean ground beef
4 potatoes (medium size)
2 onions (medium size)
poultry seasoning (Bell’s)


Boil potatoes in jackets. Break up and sauté pork and beef.

Dice onions very fine. Mash potatoes and combine with pork, beef, and onions. Add poultry seasoning and pepper to taste.

Place filling in pie shells. Cut slits in top crust. Cover edges with aluminum foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes (until top crust is light brown). Serve while hot.


There are many different versions of this kind of pie. You can add or substitute ground veal if you like. Some people add a little cinnamon or nutmeg (go easy on the spices!). I like the 3-to-1 pork-to-beef ratio but you may want to experiment.

You can freeze the pies after baking. I don’t know how long they keep that way because they don’t last too long at our house!

Best way to reheat is in a microwave oven, one slice at a time. If reheating a whole pie in a standard oven be careful not to bake it too long or it will be too dry.



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