Mr. Fantasy

Fantasy Sports Report: My first season playing fantasy hockey and basketball…

My hockey team won its division – was in first place all season – and was ranked second overall in the league and is now involved in the playoffs. My two basketball teams are ranked 5th and 6th right now. One bounced between 3rd and 6th all season, the other was consistently 6th or 7th. I don’t even know if we have playoffs or how the season ends in basketball because I’m new. If there are playoffs, my teams won’t be in them anyway.

Verdict: I won’t be playing fantasy hockey or basketball next year. just not interesting enough for me. It did not enhance my enjoyment of the real life seasons of these sports. The most interesting part was putting the teams together. After the first few weeks, I rarely checked my teams.

In fact, I had almost forgotten about them until last night when we were watching a spring training report and Diane said, you’ll be getting your fantasy baseball team together soon. Have you thought about what players you want in the draft?

“No,” I said, in surprise, “I forgot all about it. I should see how my teams are doing, I haven’t looked at them since a week before Krejci got injured. I need to replace him.”

An hour later… “Hey, my hockey team won its division!”

I entered fantasy sports last fall to play football only because a friend talked me into it, twisted my arm. Fantasy football was fun and I will definitely play next fall. But hockey and basketball went one and done. If baseball wasn’t my favorite sport and if I hadn’t already tried the other three, I would not bother with fantasy baseball at all. People don’t believe me when I say that…which is kind of dumb on their part because I never bothered with fantasy baseball in my previous 59 years, so I think there’s a lot more evidence on my side of the argument.

I’m not looking forward to it but I feel like I have to get it over with. It’s now or never.

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