Video Steve

Here’s a collection of videos of me on YouTube. Most of them were done by WBZ ‘s great reporter and poet Carl Stevens for the WBZ website, a couple others were done by a listener, Anthony King aka Tony from Canton, and another was aired on Animal Planet.


My triumphant return from exile in February 2009…


On Manny Ramirez suspension from baseball in 2009…


Buzzy’s Roast Beef

Pat from East Boston is the caller I refer to in this vid. These videos would be made a few minutes after 5 am – after my five hour all-night show when I’d be ready to turn off my brain for the night. They were ad-libbed, no script. We would start and stop – so Carl could move to a different camera angle – and start again, recording it in pieces. Sometimes I would need a second take on a section but rarely more than that. Carl would edit them later. Because they were ad-libbed, as we started doing this one, I had no idea I’d be referring to a caller. As I was talking for the camera I could see in my mind that I was headed toward mentioning the slogan I refer to – and I am frantically trying to come up with the caller’s name. “It was Pat, right? It was Pat? Wasn’t it? I don’t want to say it was Pat if it wasn’t but I think it was.” But I can’t recall for sure in the moment…so I don’t mention the caller’s name. After we were done and I’m on my way home, I suddenly clearly remember the call…and it was Pat. And I kick myself. And even though I credited Pat on the radio when the topic came up again a couple times over the years, whenever I see this video, I always kick myself again. Regrets, I’ve had a few…and this is one. Still a good vid tho. Sorry Pat. *hugs*


Bring Your Dog To Work Day


When Steve LeVeille played the clarinet on WZLX’s Karlson & MacKenzie morning show, WBZ’s intrepid reporter Carl Stevens was the first to arrive on the scene and get the whole story…


At the start of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, my pet peeve was that the abundant display of graphics on my TV screen gave no hint as to which team was which. You had to “know” soccer…err, football. Futbol? Whatever. I wanted to learn but I needed help. I was sure others felt the same way. So I instituted The Steve LeVeille Broadcast World Cup Uniform Colors Report Update Thing. Each day I would give the possible colors to be worn in the game to be televised that morning. Fortunately, my cry for help did not fall on deaf ears. Mel Simons happened to be with me for an edition of the Audio Clip Trivia Quiz when I did the last of my series of reports…


The Issues – The Gas Tax, The Tolls and The Slots


When Steve LeVeille shaves – that’s news!


Johnny Pesky’s Number Finally Gets Retired


WBZ Lip Balm – A demonstration by Steve LeVeille


Animal Planet’s Cats 101 – starring Max and co-starring Diane and Steve






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